Holy Hail


The dark clouds rolled in around 3 yesterday but it wasn't until 11 when all hail broke loose. (Ohohhahahehehe)

I got home from work and it started raining a bit, then while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, some emergency service announcment kept interrupting the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION to tell me that there were tornado warnings. Which was very annoying.
Firstly, because after the warning would be over, it would return to the show and the judges would be saying something like, "Wow, that was the best audition I have ever seen," or "There are only a few people in this world who were born to dance, you are one of them." AWEJLA;JFALRWKEGHR;WKHFA. Ugh. Seriously emergency announcement, your timing could not be worse.
And secondly,  because I am a panicky person when it comes to potentially life threatening disasters. Don't keep warning me about a tornado and telling me to get to the lowest level and urging me to fear for my life unless you are sure I am in danger, because then I will get all nervous and antsy and I won't be able to enjoy the bits of SYTYCD that I actually get to watch.

I was in my comfy pajamas but as I got more nervous I decided I should probably put some socks on. Because if I have to escape from my 3rd floor apartment and get to the bottom floor I'd obviously feel a lot better if I was wearing socks right? Right.
Well, then after another emergency tornado warning I figured I should probably put some jeans on. Safety first.
Finally I figured I should just spend the rest of the night walking around in my rainboots because if I learned anything from the years spent being a sibling of people who went to Boy Scouts, it's BE PREPARED.

Around 10:30 the tornado warnings ended and the flash flood warnings started. And then the hail came. "Are you parked in the garage?" I asked Jason. Luckily we both were. Because when I went to my car this morning I saw some shattered windows and banged up hoods.

I wanted to get a picture of the hail but it was so dark not much showed up. And then I realized, "Rebecca, you're an idiot. Lightening flashes every 3 seconds. Take a picture when the lightening strikes." And voila.


Oh mother nature, you're such a beast.

From my brother-in-law Nick's FB page


  1. that is INSANE!!! that last photo! Seriously?!?!

  2. Oh snap! That is a TON of hail! Which, you obviously didn't already know.