BBQs and Baseballs




Saturday we drove down to Colorado Springs  with some friends for some food and fun. We went to a BBQ place called Rudy's where you order any meat by the pound, they stick it in a crate, and hand you a stack of white bread. Oh man oh man was it delicious. After scarfing down peach cobbler and feeling rather pleased with ourselves (albeit full) we headed over to the Sky Sox game (a minor league team affiliated with the Rockies). Minor league games are the best because a) they are cheap, b) you don't really care if they win or lose therefore you can chat all you want and not feel like you missed a thing, and c) the people watching is supreme. Plus any excuse to spend the evening sitting outside is a good one in my book.

Thank you iPhone for the super crappy pictures. Why do we have a nice camera if we never bring it anywhere?


  1. AH! Is this your new blog!? Such cute pictures. I love baseball.

    Sara :)

  2. that sounds so fun!!! my husband would love a restaurant like that! : )

  3. Love that you're baaaaack! White bread, meat and baseball...nothing can make you two more happy! Except maybe beach, boogie boards, books and Chronic Taco?