Colorado is on fire

And I mean that literally. Not like, "We're on fire! We rock! We are cooler than all the other states!" Because in fact, we are opposite of cooler. We've had like 5 straight days of over 100 degrees here in the Rockies which is some kind of state record. And there are 11 or 12 wildfires burning through out the state. And they are destructive.

My brother-in-law and his family are staring down a fire right now. It's practically in their front yard. They have been evacuated from their house so I'm really hoping all the amazing fire fighters out there can keep these fires at bay.

And I'm hoping for rain. Lots and lots of rain and no more lightening.


Someone shared this picture on Facebook. It's just awful.


We're going on a bear hunt


This weekend we went camping with Jason's family. And in the spirit of camping, I've decided to give out pointless, yet meaningful (which I know is an oxymoron) awards.

For best story, the award goes to Nick for enchanting us with the tale of "The Topless Wonder."


For more prepared than any boy scout will ever be, the award goes to Adriana for having seriously everything anyone ever asked for, including things you would not expect from a lady who is 7-months pregnant. Way to help a sister out Adriana!


For most fashionable, the award goes to Jason cause that boy rocks dirty denim cut-offs better than any dirty hipster out there.


For cleanest, the award goes to Jeff for being OCD enough to shower at 11 PM every night in cold water because he is incapable of going to sleep dirty.

For best procurement, the award goes to Dave for thinking to obtain and bring a boat.


For biggest talker, the award goes to Tara because it was thanks to her that months ago we even began discussing this camping trip, and had a big hand in keeping it alive, and then bailed on day one because her baby had an ear infection.

For parents of the filthiest child, the award goes to Shawn and Chantell because of this:


For biggest chicken, the award goes to me because when we came in contact with a bear rolling around in the dumpster right across from our campsite in the middle of the night, I was ready to high-tail it back to civilization right then and there.

And for best grandparents of the year, the award goes to Bob and Pam.. by default because they were the only grandparents there. And because they really are the best. And we couldn't have done it
without them.




A dog defecated on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs in our building about a foot from making it out the door. And unfortunately, some poor chap stepped in it before it was picked up. And then he proceeded up the stairs.

The poop is gone, but a faint feces smudge remains on the stairs. And every time I walk by it I think to myself, "Oh, I wish I had a dog!"

I obviously have psychological issues.


Walk this way

photo-3photo-8 photo-4photo-5 photo-6photo-7

I know the way to my man's heart. So the other night I said to him, "Hey Jason, want to go for a walk down to Yogurtini?" I know, it's a terrible name for a delicious frozen yogurt place. Because while Jason enjoys a good frozen yogurt, he LOVES a nice long walk. Just like a dog... And that is not an insult! Dogs are great. Unconditional love, kind, friendly, quick to forgive, lovers of walks. Jason and dogs actually share a lot of wonderful qualities. So Jason, you may take that as a compliment.

The problem with my brilliant plan was that we sorely underestimated the length of this long walk. It was longer than we thought. You see, the length we longed to walk was not long enough so we lamented the length of this long long walk.

Well about half way into it, we realized we were hungry. Very hungry. But we are also cheap. Very cheap. So even though Chipotle was on the way to Yogurtini, I wasn't about to pay 7 extra dollars for convenience. No ma'am.

So now, Yogurtini was on the way to our new destination. McDonalds. Which was even further than the original destination of our already very long walk. But McDonalds has something special. Redbox. Which actually isn't all that special. I just need to stop being so dang cheap and upgrade our service from just instant watch to getting DVDs again. Instant watch on Netflix is killing it with their tv shows, but boy are they lacking in the movie department.

After we enjoyed our delicious and inexpensive meal at McDonalds, we decided it wasn't worth it to cross the street to get to Yogurtini when there were delicious and inexpensive sundaes right at our fingertips. So we ate and smiled and walked on home. With a movie!

And that is how our failed walk to Yogurtini turned into a successful walk to McDonalds, where dreams come true.


Pizza Party

photo-5photo-4 photo-3photo-2

1- Peonies!
2- Pizza dough!
3- Pesto pizza!
4- Pathetic looking leftover cookie!

Last week we had a few friends over for a homemade pizza party (my favorite chocolate chip cookies made their appearance at some point as well). We had two pesto chicken pizzas and two pepperoni pizzas. And I had four frozen pizzas stored in my freezer in case disaster struck and my homemade dough failed me. There are now four frozen pizzas in my freezer that we may never eat thanks to our new pizza dough recipe (and thanks to my mother for providing it!).
Tonight is taco night, which early on in our marriage Jason decided was going to be his sole duty. Which is a-okay by me since he is typically the sole devourer of those tacos. And he makes enough to feed himself for a week. No cooking for a week!! I love taco night.


When it rains..

It's pouring.

While nothing is life threatening or very serious, it's pouring nonetheless. Every single thing Jason and I try to accomplish lately isn't working out. And it always seems like it is going to work out and then comes to a crashing halt after we've had time to get excited or feel reassured. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. Like we just can't catch a break right now. Bad news after bad news. And it's all so dang expensive. Like I said, nothing is life threatening (unexpected expensive tuition, plans for getting a dog falling through due to a massive non-refundable deposit required by our complex's new management, discovery of painful wisdom teeth after being told for years that I have none, flat tire and bent rim and hubcap, all within a week of some other depressing news), but it's making me sick to my stomach all the same.

We could really use some good news soon.


Happy Friday Music

I'm sure you've all seen this already, but in case you haven't, you're welcome. Someone posted a different video of them about a week ago, and after watching it I watched this one about 3 days after it was posted. And it has BLOWN UP. Go watch it before it reaches 3,000,000 views so you can say you saw them first. It would be so very hipster of you.

Also, Caitlin, this should have been us. Same age difference and everything. We are like the older, less cute version of them.

P.S. They are 12 and 8!
P.P.S. Watch Maisy sing by herself. It's obvious that Lennon is amazing but you'll just love Maisy after this one.


Holy Hail


The dark clouds rolled in around 3 yesterday but it wasn't until 11 when all hail broke loose. (Ohohhahahehehe)

I got home from work and it started raining a bit, then while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, some emergency service announcment kept interrupting the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION to tell me that there were tornado warnings. Which was very annoying.
Firstly, because after the warning would be over, it would return to the show and the judges would be saying something like, "Wow, that was the best audition I have ever seen," or "There are only a few people in this world who were born to dance, you are one of them." AWEJLA;JFALRWKEGHR;WKHFA. Ugh. Seriously emergency announcement, your timing could not be worse.
And secondly,  because I am a panicky person when it comes to potentially life threatening disasters. Don't keep warning me about a tornado and telling me to get to the lowest level and urging me to fear for my life unless you are sure I am in danger, because then I will get all nervous and antsy and I won't be able to enjoy the bits of SYTYCD that I actually get to watch.

I was in my comfy pajamas but as I got more nervous I decided I should probably put some socks on. Because if I have to escape from my 3rd floor apartment and get to the bottom floor I'd obviously feel a lot better if I was wearing socks right? Right.
Well, then after another emergency tornado warning I figured I should probably put some jeans on. Safety first.
Finally I figured I should just spend the rest of the night walking around in my rainboots because if I learned anything from the years spent being a sibling of people who went to Boy Scouts, it's BE PREPARED.

Around 10:30 the tornado warnings ended and the flash flood warnings started. And then the hail came. "Are you parked in the garage?" I asked Jason. Luckily we both were. Because when I went to my car this morning I saw some shattered windows and banged up hoods.

I wanted to get a picture of the hail but it was so dark not much showed up. And then I realized, "Rebecca, you're an idiot. Lightening flashes every 3 seconds. Take a picture when the lightening strikes." And voila.


Oh mother nature, you're such a beast.

From my brother-in-law Nick's FB page



For awhile I have been keeping my journal through OhLife. It's a website that sends you an email every day; when you respond to the email it logs your journal entry for that day. It is perfect for a person like me who is terrrrible at consistently keeping a journal. So even if I don't write one day, I'll still get a pesky email reminder the next day and every day at 7 PM. OhLife is great and it works, there is only one problem.

It induces short but intense panic attacks.

Let's say (and this is completely hypothetical) I just composed a 500 word entry about dancing in the kitchen, or womanly things, or something equally embarrassing and personal.  Well, after hitting the send button there is almost always a panic that I did not just send that email to OhLife, and that instead I accidentally sent it to my boss or an old classmate or someone equally horrifying.

So far my reply button has not failed me and my emails have in fact gone to OhLife but they really should put a warning on their site and their emails that states:

"Use With Caution! Our product is not faulty but you will suffer from panic attacks nonetheless! 
You have been warned!"


BBQs and Baseballs




Saturday we drove down to Colorado Springs  with some friends for some food and fun. We went to a BBQ place called Rudy's where you order any meat by the pound, they stick it in a crate, and hand you a stack of white bread. Oh man oh man was it delicious. After scarfing down peach cobbler and feeling rather pleased with ourselves (albeit full) we headed over to the Sky Sox game (a minor league team affiliated with the Rockies). Minor league games are the best because a) they are cheap, b) you don't really care if they win or lose therefore you can chat all you want and not feel like you missed a thing, and c) the people watching is supreme. Plus any excuse to spend the evening sitting outside is a good one in my book.

Thank you iPhone for the super crappy pictures. Why do we have a nice camera if we never bring it anywhere?