That one time the fire alarm wasn't lying

So I was just sitting there, or lounging rather, watching Felicity on Netflix and the fire alarm goes off. And I think to myself, "Well this is embarrassing. This is totally because I turned my oven to self-clean. I wonder which smoke detector I need to fan to get it to shut off."

Okay, first of all, who invented the self-cleaning oven because it is terrible. It stinks, and it burns your eyes, and it takes forever, and it doesn't really work! And secondly, someone at DiGiorno pizza should be ashamed of themselves for making a faulty pizza that tears right apart when you pull it out of the oven thus dropping cheese and peperoni all over the bottom of the over thus ensuring that you must use the defective self-clean on your oven.

Back to my thought, I walked out of our bedroom to quizzically stare at Jason who was watching some basketball game and he quizzically stared right back at me. "Is this because I used the self-clean thing-a-ma-gig on our oven?" As I walked towards the kitchen I realized the fire alarm was definitely not just in our apartment and was definitely blaring through out the building and I hoped that is was NOT because of my stupid oven because that would be terribly embarrassing.

We poke our head into the hallway and see that our neighbors that we have never met are doing the same thing. We are all like little prairie dogs with our heads just sticking out in the hallway but our bodies safely tucked inside our apartments. Jason and I are the first to exit our apartment and head down the two flights to the bottom because we are the responsible types and hesitantly a few more people follow.

So we gather outside keeping to ourselves and the fire department shows up. They head into the building and a few minutes later the alarm turns off. We all start walking back in and the alarm starts up again so we pause for a second. Then it turns off again so we head up the stairs but the alarm starts up again. At this point we all decide it's some big fluke so we ignore it and head back to our apartments (geniuses, I know).

Well when the few of us who live on the third floor got to the top, we looked down the hallway to see two firemen (well a fireman and a firewoman) feeling the handle on the door at the end. "Do you think we should bust it open?" one said to the other. "Yeah I think we should." So obviously, none of us bright kids decide to head back down stairs because these firepeople are BUSTING DOWN A DOOR ON OUR FLOOR! But it didn't take to long for the woman to notice us who promptly yelled at us to get back downstairs. Which we did (but not before Jason took these really terrible pictures with his phone.)

When we got back outside we told those who live on the first and second floor what we saw and that's when one guy noticed smoke coming from one of the end windows. So after a lot of staring and speculating, the alarm turned off again.

Turns out there was some sort of electrical fire in the bathroom. Everyone is okay. And now that we've returned to our apartment, all I would like to do is bake a cookie or two, but with the fire alarm being in such a feeble state what with all the blaring and blinking, I feel like anything could trigger it at this point, especially my stinky oven. Oh what is a girl to do.


  1. Oh Rebecca with an R, this post is hilarious!! What an exciting night for you guys! Glad you didn't lose your beautiful new couch to a fire -
    or your husband for that matter!! Yes, especially your husband.

  2. At least it was not Christmas Eve! Great story. You must be influenced by our Hamden home that had a smoke alarm go off every time any breathed out heat. It gave you a false sense of the real purpose of smoke alarms.