I am now combobulated

Fact: Today is Thursday.
Fact: We fly to California to visit my parents on Thursday.
Belief: Yesterday was Tuesday.

All day yesterday, it was Tuesday. And the day before that was Monday and then next day would be Wednesday. I sat in my office and chatted with one of my colleagues. I told him I was "going to California to visit my parents on Thursday." (Which to me meant "in two days" and to him meant "tomorrow." Which is weird because who says the name of the day when they can just say tomorrow? Am I right? I'm right.)

I told Jason to be sure and bring our luggage home from storage so I would have my suitcase when I pack tomorrow night (Wednesday) for my trip on Thursday (in two days)... because today was Tuesday (no it wasn't).

We went over to his parents' house last night (Wednesday, which I thought was Tuesday) for some games and treats and American Idol. I was telling Jason's mom that I was in such a good mood and didn't know why. "It must be my new shoes," I mused. "Or maybe my return to my old blog."

"Or because you are heading to California tomorrow," offered Jason's dad.

"On Thursday," I corrected.

"Yeah, tomorrow," said Jason.

"No, today's Tuesday," I again corrected so very confidently.

"Today is Wednesday." "Yeah, today is Wednesday." Both Jason and his dad said so very politely.

I grabbed my phone to prove them wrong but as it clicked in my mind I suddenly felt very discombobulated. Like I had been living a lie all day long.

Well, then I got over that discombobulation and realized that if it really was Wednesday, that meant I was going to visit my parents tomorrow! (Which is now today.) And if there is ever a good way to be discombobulated, it is thinking that your wait for a trip is longer than it actually is and then getting to leave on said trip sooner than expected.

Hooray for discombobulation!

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  1. Yay! You're back on the blog. I'm happy because this is a better way for me to know what you are up to. Is that selfish? Oh well. :)
    Enjoy your trip, I hope you get to stay a while.