While in California, Jason and I were tasked with the job of getting some engagement pictures taken of my sister Caitlin and her awesome fiance Ben. Jason was never overly enthusiastic about my "take pictures of my outfits every day" venture BUT in the process he became quite the skilled photographer. So after I took a look at the kids and approved their sartorial choices, I handed the camera to my man and told him to make some magic hap'n cap'n. Which he did.

While Caitlin and Ben went to change into different clothes my mom (who was on umbrella duty) snapped this picture of Jason and I. What a short looking picture! ..Did I say short? I meant great. But usually pictures of Jason and I incorporate one of the below:

  • We are sitting
  • We are standing and I am in 4-inch heels
  • We are standing and I am on my tiptoes and stretching my neck to appear taller (I can assure you that this is the least attractive of the options)
As you can see, none of these strategies were incorporated into the above picture thus making me look like a munchkin next to a giant. But this giant is of the Roald Dahl variety. And right now he is taking me out to ice cream because I got a raise today! Maybe I'll wear some heels in honor of the celebration. 

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  1. What a great photo of you two. An amazing photographer too. hehe