Shut it down

In case you missed it:
-Jason is fine
-We moved to Denver
-We both got jobs
-We will both be starting school soon
-I started working out. Been going strong for 2 weeks straight now. (This is kind of a big deal)

Admittedly, making a new blog probably wasn't a good idea. But I knew I was now going to be fashion blogging, and I didn't want to force any of you to view that if you had no desire to. But I don't think I'm going to be popping over here any more to give updates. Rants, lifestyle, fashion, it's all going to happen on my other blog. Even if I desert fashion blogging down the road, I'll probably switch back to lifestyle blogging on my other blog. Sorry friends. It's been real and fun. You know where to find me.

Shameless plug: I'm actually hosting my very first giveaway over there. If you're a girl and you like clothes, or you know a girl who likes clothes, I would recommend entering!

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