a jason update

jason is getting an MRI as i type this. this is coming after a week and a half of serious, increasingly excruciating pain in his lower back running down his left leg. at moments it has been scary and heartbreaking to witness his pain knowing i could do nothing to help or give him any relief. jason has been unable to get any rest for the past few nights, can hardly stand or walk, and laying down is not an option. we went to the ER last thursday and were told it is a bulging disk pushing  on a nerve. we are hoping to meet with a back specialist today as well and get a better idea of what needs to be done.

please keep him in your prayers.


moving quickly

this morning i was rushing to get to work.
i said "i need to move quickly"
jason said "i'll help you move quickly"
he came into the kitchen where i was making a sandwich. i said "i need the peanut butter"
he grabbed my waist from behind and literally shoved/pushed/flew me over to the cupboard so i could get the peanut butter.
i started laughing.
he really slowed me down.

sidenote: i didn't mean to desert you guys. i was finally able to add google friend connect to my new blog so it's easier for non-tumblrers to join in. come on over guys, i miss you.