this will make me super woman

a family friend once stopped by my parent's house to drop something off.  having just made some brownies, we offered him one.  he very reluctantly declined our offer saying that he wasn't eating any sweets. he went on to explain that once a year, for a couple months, he doesn't eat any treats. he felt that it was a yearly reminder to himself that ultimately, he has control over his body and doesn't give in to the deliciously sweet temptation.

if you've read this blog more than once, you know i have 3 hobbies. music, fashion, and eating treats. i love baking treats too, but only because i want the end result... to eat them. so this is not an easy decision to make. this isn't about losing weight, and this isn't about punishing myself. this is about proving to myself that i have the willpower and self control to resist the one temptation i give into about 2 to 3 times a day.

which is why, starting on sunday, i am not going to eat any treats for two weeks.  maybe i'll allow myself a small piece of dark chocolate after dinner.. we'll see.


  1. oh man! good luck. i actually read somewhere that if you cut out sweets for 2 weeks that your cravings for sweets will ultimately go down for good!

  2. I am impressed considering I single handedly finished off my daughters chocolate birthday cake in a couple of days...it was good. Keep up the good work!