so here's the skinny

today i contemplated making this blog private. it's no longer my "place to be creative and write cool stuff." and don't say it never was. cause it was. ahh the glory days.
i'm not going to make it private cause that just seems like too much work. and annoying. i hate when blogs are private cause then they don't go into your google reader, and that is the only place i will ever read a blog. none of this bookmarking and checking back often. way too much work.
so what is this blog for now? to tell my mom how happy jason and i are. (hi mom! we're very happy still!) and to keep a running diary of jason's shenanigans. did i really just spell that right? cause there is no red squiggily coming up under it. well i sure didn't get squiggley right. either time. squiggly. i'm a bad speller. did you know?

phew, glad to get that of my chest. (not the part about being a bad speller. the other part) there was way too much pressure to write every day and by golly i just don't have that kind of time. or interest.

so during my absence here are some things you can do with your time that you would have spent reading  my rantings:
- chew some gum
- check twitter
- paint your nails
- have a cookie (this is to be said a certain way, but only caitlin knows so this one is just for her. you can go eat a cookie if you want though)
- watch antm (which is where the above quote comes from.. crazy girls)
- drink some water
- take a bath

hopefully those will tide you over during my on again off again sabbatical


  1. I'll admit, when you said you wouldn't be keeping this blog up as much I was more than a little concerned. (Although I only halfway believe you because I feel like you've said this before.) But then I read your list of things to do and I think drinking water might just help me get over this awful news. Thanks for that.

  2. you know what is funny, i read "have a cookie" the crazy antm way before i even read inside your parenthesis. sister telepathy? most defintely. i just spelt definitely wrong. and now it's saying i spelled spelled wrong. my bad. anyway, i love this blog. no pressure or anything. i'm easily amused.

  3. How will I know if you two are still happy...such awful, awful news!!! I think i'll go take a bath.


  4. it would be a sad day in blogger land if I couldn't stop by your blog.

  5. I would miss you AND everyone that reads your "private" blog would just request to read it so it wouldn't keep out the people you want...right? I'd miss your cute blog so.