please ignore my absurd hair

once there was a girl who loved waffle crisp (it's me guys. over here. so we can drop this silly third person stuff) that's right. i love waffle crisp. i will eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, and dessert. i've been known to go through one box in two days. (those were dark times my friends.. hello freshman 15) some where along the line, waffle crisp disappeared off the face of the planet. it's no where to be found in california and is a rare find in utah. i haven't come across it in four years. . but wait. .
enter pictures.

friends, meet wafflecrisp. i'm excited. can you tell? and i might be hiding some little crisps in my mouth.

i just love waffle crisp so much. i'm so very happy we've been reunited.

so i think i'll dig right in.

happy happy weekend guys! 

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  1. That's funny. This beautiful creation was introduced to me when I made a visit to my Grandma's house in Santa Cruz, CA. I agree, I could eat this melt in your mouth deliciousness any time of the day for forever.