the day of the presidents

so far my no treat plan has been a success.. and my inlaws decided to really tempt me on day 1 by making a huge pan of magic bars [seven layer bars for all of jason's crazy family. though i still can't understand why you call them seven layer bars when you only use five of the seven ingredients.. kid, i kid] and pulling out some ice cream cake. personally i think it was very rude.

i guess i made up for missing out on the treats when we went out to breakfast this morning before the colorado family went back to where they came from. can you guess? i don't think i should be allowed to eat breakfast cause boy does that stuff taste like dessert. especially the scones from johanna's.

so in order to walk that crazy deliciousness off, jason and i went othersideofthewindow shopping.  we looked but we did not touch (our wallets). i don't know about you, but when i try clothes on, i dance in the fitting room. scientifically, it is the most efficient way to see how the clothes fit on you. jason, on the other hand, has a much different system. apparently all that matters is how his bum looks... from every angle. i assure you, it looked good.

the problem with othersideofthewindow shopping is that inevitably you will find something you want. did i say want? i meant need. cause obviously i need a nude leather jacket. right dad?

*9 of the 21members of this family live in utah, while the rest live in colorado. we belong to separate little clubs.

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