before the snuggie

growing up, we had this really ugly blanket which was whipped out any time we needed extra blankets for forts, sleepovers, and whatnot. it was grey, heavier than fleece, and had snap buttons on random places around the edges. apparently, as my mother puts it, those snaps created some sort of blanket slash poncho slash jacket (ie. snuggie of the past).  i don’t know how it magically transformed into this blaponchet and was only luckily enough to witness its alternate personality once (and i still didn't get how it worked). who knew that its close relatives (ie. snuggie of the future) would one day become a part of pop culture on the other side of Y2K.  i’m sorry, blaponchet, that you didn’t receive this same acclaim. you really missed the boat on that one.

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  1. umm I think I remember that blanket...is that weird?!