so here's the skinny

today i contemplated making this blog private. it's no longer my "place to be creative and write cool stuff." and don't say it never was. cause it was. ahh the glory days.
i'm not going to make it private cause that just seems like too much work. and annoying. i hate when blogs are private cause then they don't go into your google reader, and that is the only place i will ever read a blog. none of this bookmarking and checking back often. way too much work.
so what is this blog for now? to tell my mom how happy jason and i are. (hi mom! we're very happy still!) and to keep a running diary of jason's shenanigans. did i really just spell that right? cause there is no red squiggily coming up under it. well i sure didn't get squiggley right. either time. squiggly. i'm a bad speller. did you know?

phew, glad to get that of my chest. (not the part about being a bad speller. the other part) there was way too much pressure to write every day and by golly i just don't have that kind of time. or interest.

so during my absence here are some things you can do with your time that you would have spent reading  my rantings:
- chew some gum
- check twitter
- paint your nails
- have a cookie (this is to be said a certain way, but only caitlin knows so this one is just for her. you can go eat a cookie if you want though)
- watch antm (which is where the above quote comes from.. crazy girls)
- drink some water
- take a bath

hopefully those will tide you over during my on again off again sabbatical


btil says the darndest things

as we were going to bed last night:

jason: may your dreams sore as high as your hopes.

more conversing

me: i love you jason
jason: thanks rebecca. i reciprocate your feelings.

before the snuggie

growing up, we had this really ugly blanket which was whipped out any time we needed extra blankets for forts, sleepovers, and whatnot. it was grey, heavier than fleece, and had snap buttons on random places around the edges. apparently, as my mother puts it, those snaps created some sort of blanket slash poncho slash jacket (ie. snuggie of the past).  i don’t know how it magically transformed into this blaponchet and was only luckily enough to witness its alternate personality once (and i still didn't get how it worked). who knew that its close relatives (ie. snuggie of the future) would one day become a part of pop culture on the other side of Y2K.  i’m sorry, blaponchet, that you didn’t receive this same acclaim. you really missed the boat on that one.



i forgot to put my perfume on this morning, which is incredibly irritating because i really rely on my wrists when putrid smells are about.


a midweek look at the weekend

i spent my presidents day weekend with these kiddos. they are all wildly entertaining. 1. the kids were hungry for dinner. so they sat at the table, banging their hands chanting for their food. 2. little macie just wanted to be like the big kids but didn't really know what was going on. 3. jason laughed at the antics of the older boys while matthew was being his content little self (don't be alarmed by the iv in the background. tara went and got herself knocked up and is suffering the consequences). 4. luke and will decided to start a new night time ritual.

nap time

the other day, (yesterday, but i'm writing this today and posting it tomorrow so i went with the other day. boy that got confusing) i took a nap. i didn't want to sleep too long and then be too awake to fall asleep at night, so i kept trying to pull myself out of drowsyland. i fell back asleep and had a dream. it really spoke to me. in my dream, i was really tired, and all i wanted to do was nap, but no one would let me. in between work, one of jason's friends, and some hooker midget, i couldn't get any shut eye. leave me alone people! if i had fallen asleep i could have had some sort of inception moment. luckily i woke up feeling refreshed even though dreamland was such a nuisance.  i hate dreams.


the day of the presidents

so far my no treat plan has been a success.. and my inlaws decided to really tempt me on day 1 by making a huge pan of magic bars [seven layer bars for all of jason's crazy family. though i still can't understand why you call them seven layer bars when you only use five of the seven ingredients.. kid, i kid] and pulling out some ice cream cake. personally i think it was very rude.

i guess i made up for missing out on the treats when we went out to breakfast this morning before the colorado family went back to where they came from. can you guess? i don't think i should be allowed to eat breakfast cause boy does that stuff taste like dessert. especially the scones from johanna's.

so in order to walk that crazy deliciousness off, jason and i went othersideofthewindow shopping.  we looked but we did not touch (our wallets). i don't know about you, but when i try clothes on, i dance in the fitting room. scientifically, it is the most efficient way to see how the clothes fit on you. jason, on the other hand, has a much different system. apparently all that matters is how his bum looks... from every angle. i assure you, it looked good.

the problem with othersideofthewindow shopping is that inevitably you will find something you want. did i say want? i meant need. cause obviously i need a nude leather jacket. right dad?

*9 of the 21members of this family live in utah, while the rest live in colorado. we belong to separate little clubs.


this will make me super woman

a family friend once stopped by my parent's house to drop something off.  having just made some brownies, we offered him one.  he very reluctantly declined our offer saying that he wasn't eating any sweets. he went on to explain that once a year, for a couple months, he doesn't eat any treats. he felt that it was a yearly reminder to himself that ultimately, he has control over his body and doesn't give in to the deliciously sweet temptation.

if you've read this blog more than once, you know i have 3 hobbies. music, fashion, and eating treats. i love baking treats too, but only because i want the end result... to eat them. so this is not an easy decision to make. this isn't about losing weight, and this isn't about punishing myself. this is about proving to myself that i have the willpower and self control to resist the one temptation i give into about 2 to 3 times a day.

which is why, starting on sunday, i am not going to eat any treats for two weeks.  maybe i'll allow myself a small piece of dark chocolate after dinner.. we'll see.


a day to reflect on the love we show each other every day cause we're over-achievers like that

over a year ago, it was the first time i announced on this blog that i liked a boy.

then i told you that i'd fallen in love with him. [i'm kind of in love with this post. it makes me smile every time]

he asked me to marry him

and we did just that.

then for our first valentine's day as a married couple, he did what good husbands do and gave me flowers, chocolate, and took me to dinner.

then he did what great husbands do, and asked me to sing him the song i sang him on our wedding day.

then he did what the best husbands do, and danced with me in the kitchen to if we hold on together by diana ross.


losing faith in humanity

"employees must wash hands"  

we see these signs in every foods place bathroom there is. i don't know what concerns me more- the fact that these restaurant owners feel they must remind their employees to wash their hands, or that they fail to remind every person that has hands to wash their hands.

if you insist on having a sign, just have it read

"human beings, wash yer hands"


mrs. brown, you've got a lovely daughter

Jason and I belong in a different era when it comes to our music choices. Our ideal playlist consists of the Doors, the Animals, the Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, Petula Clark, the Mamas and Papas, then throw a little Toto in there and call it good.
Also, I'm kind of in love with young Mick Jagger.. the one who appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. What a babe.
And then there is Neil Diamond. Jason loves him. I really really dislike him. I feel as though our friend Bobby Wiley put it best when he said, "There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. My ex-wife loves him."
I guess you could say that Jason's and my personal mission in this world is to show that peace can be found under the most difficult of circumstances. It is a worthy goal.

Heyo, it's dance time. One Night in Bangkok just came on. And while some say the 80s were a tough decade for the music industry, we definitely have some gems from that time. Give me some more rock flute!

It seems that the conclusion of this all is not that Jason and I belong in a different era since we've covered about 5 different decades thus far, but that we really just need a time machine. That or Grooveshark.


dancing queens

jason has impeccable dancing skills

he's not impressed with mine

but he still loves me enough to get low for a kodak moment

we stopped by sister in law steffani's 20th birthday party the other night. we felt a little out of place but it made for an entertaining twenty minutes. ah the single life. those sorry saps. just kidding. being single was great. i take that back. i never liked being single and i never liked the dating scene. so basically i'm a big proponent of marriage. you should really look into it sometime.  ugh. this is exactly why my blog has sucked since i got married. here's a picture of our happy lives and here's another reason why jason is so great. well that's exactly what he is guys! guess what he did a couple weeks ago, and again last night... BLOW DRIED MY HAIR. it started out as a joke and then it became really relaxing and then it just became tender.  now that's a man for you.


please ignore my absurd hair

once there was a girl who loved waffle crisp (it's me guys. over here. so we can drop this silly third person stuff) that's right. i love waffle crisp. i will eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, and dessert. i've been known to go through one box in two days. (those were dark times my friends.. hello freshman 15) some where along the line, waffle crisp disappeared off the face of the planet. it's no where to be found in california and is a rare find in utah. i haven't come across it in four years. . but wait. .
enter pictures.

friends, meet wafflecrisp. i'm excited. can you tell? and i might be hiding some little crisps in my mouth.

i just love waffle crisp so much. i'm so very happy we've been reunited.

so i think i'll dig right in.

happy happy weekend guys! 


for shame

i don't know how it happened but i got sick again. oh wait, yes i do. i merely walked into a house full of people recovering from the cold and 3 days later, what do you know. illness. what is wrong with my immune system? do i even have one? cause those germ fighters are failing me big time. and i'm sick of it. sick of it you hear me! do you think since they are in my body they can hear my thoughts, or should i actually yell at them. could they hear me then? or should i open my mouth and have jason yell at them? either way, they need to be scolded.