a sports store

our living room is a mess. though it is a very purposeful mess. i just bought skis. when i brought them home i wanted to see my poles, skis, and boots all together, you know, to get the whole picture. so i leaned them all against the wall. jason wanted to join in with his fairly new skis so his went up too. he got a new basketball so that found its way into the room. and i got a new tennis racket so he got his out so we could volley back and forth.... in our living room. after we knocked over one of our frames we moved into the kitchen. after the ball fell into the sink we decided we were done. we're having so much fun admiring all of our new sporty toys i don't know if we'll ever use them! ...well, we use the tennis rackets tonight over at the indoor courts at byu. my arms are tired. i'm resting after every sentence i type. maybe that means i should be done. i'm done. rest. rest. rest. now i really don't know if we'll ever use them again.

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