so glad jason's on my team

today was a terrible day. i just feel sick about it. at one point i felt so frustrated i was shaking at my desk [i'm not a fan of confrontation.. it does weird things to me] and i said things i shouldn't have said and probably should have handled the situation very differently. but what is done is done and i can't change it and i feel awful.

but thankfully i get to go home to jason. who has an endless amount of hugs and kind words and the only confrontation he ever experiences is with the refs on the other side of the tv screen. and can you really call that confrontation?

man talk about silver lining. what's pathetic is that jason hasn't even done anything yet. i haven't even seen him. but just thinking about him makes me happy.


  1. I agree with you Rebecca. Jason has a gift of being able to make people feel better. He's pulled me through some sticky spots!! When he asks me if I want to "ride a horse," no matter how sad I am it makes me laugh!!! It makes me happy that you recognize that special talent he has!!! Smile honey. Things will work out!

  2. good thing too! i had a similar situation at work last week, so i can t-o-t-a-l-ly relate to how much that sucks.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry you had a bad day! I hate those moments. I actually don't mind confrontation but I hate bullies. (Who really likes bullies?) Sorry you had to deal with a yucky situation. I like you very much :)