a natural

after a day of skiing what is better than a long hot shower? and after a long hot shower what is better than nice cold ice cream? and after nice cold ice cream... just kidding, we'll stop there.

i am not one to experiment.  i find something at a restaurant i like and i get it every time. i never get tired of it. so tonight, of course i ordered the peanut butter cup perfection. and i promise you it is nothing short of perfection. so perfect in fact that i wanted to bring half of it home for later. and seeing as i didn't want to carry it around i went to the nearest store to ask for a small bag where i proceeded to ask some poor girl to grab me one only to find out she didn't work there. whoops. that's always a little awkward. i left promptly... after getting my bag from a real employee. i was on a mission and it was not going to be thwarted.

but my mission was in fact thwarted because as that ice cream was being moved from its bag to the freezer it slipped and ended up all over the kitchen floor and wall.. too bad we don't have a dog to clean that kind of stuff up.  someday... someday.

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