just around the bend

after one week with jason's family in colorado and one week with my family in california we were happy to return to our own bed in utah. however, jason was rather fond of waking up in front of this window every morning.

with driving 8 hours to jason parents, flying (while the flight only took 2 hours and 15 minutes, the process is much longer than that) to my parents, and driving what is normally a 9 hour drive in 11.5 hours back to utah, i have decided that all forms of travel are simply ineffective.. especially flying. what a waste of time.  until some one invents a transporter, you can all just plan on coming to me.

we got home and immediately began unpacking, cleaning and organizing.  my mom had gotten me this ice scraper from eddie bauer and while taking the tags off i found something curious inside. a shoe horn maybe? a very tiny back scratcher? both? so i called my mom to ask her what this extra stocking stuffer was. she wasn't much help. so naturally i turned to the smarted person in the world, google. he had the answer. the perfectly designed outdoor eating utensil. eddie, i promise you my mother did not knowingly steal this from you, and i'll happily bring it back to you, though i don't know how many people will want to put this in their mouth after its proximity to my feet and back while trying to figure out what it is.. let me know.


  1. i'm with you on the traveling thing. after 2 round-trip drives up the entire state of california and a flight to idaho sitting next to a man who talked the entire flight, i'm done for a while. i figure since i live in a vacation destination all the more reason for people to visit me from now on! (hint, hint)

  2. You should keep it. ;)

    - Paolo
    Eddie Bauer