a debut

while i was home for christmas break, my sister and i spent a couple days writing a song. caitlin and i have both written quite a few songs on our own but this was our first truly collaborative effort.  since it's fun to sing harmonies and sad to not sing harmonies while we are two states away, we decided to record it. this recording is no where near perfect (flat, off timing, door slam at the end) but i thought it would be fun to share with you anyway.

caitlin is the first voice you hear. i am the second. good luck figuring it out from there.
caitlin can be credited with the accompaniment, music, harmonies and all things beautiful. i wrote a majority of the lyrics. it was so fun working together. i can't wait to do it more often!

thanks to big brother sam for helping us record this


  1. wow, that was really good! i just realized in all the years i've known you i've never actually heard you sing, other than in church or along with the radio or whatnot, haha. nice job you two!

  2. that was so good! I hadn't heard you sing before, either (or heard any of the songs you've written!). Thanks for sharing! Miss you!

  3. oh...i want to listen but have no speakers.
    can you believe it? a computer with no speakers?
    that's me. a computer with no speakers.