a consolation

today i'm here for me. i'm here to say that it's okay that i've done a little bit of shopping for myself lately. contrary to popular belief, i don't buy clothes for myself that often. i get by on christmas and birthdays and the occasional shopping trip when i'm visiting my parents. so when i do buy my own clothes i feel a bit guilty and irresponsible.  especially now that i'm married and it feels like some deep confession when i ask jason if it's ok if i buy a few things. but i save a lot of money when it comes to our spending on food. so it evens out right? jason buys food and i buy clothes. that makes us normal, yes?

everything was on sale so that's justifiable. [though my father may disagree with the whole on sale idea because the best way to save money is to not spend it]

so now you can all tell me why i shouldn't have cognitive dissonance and each purchase was a necessity in my closet...kendi told me so. on the up side, i'm done shopping until april.

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