a bold statement

this is the greatest facial lotion known to man. disclaimer: this only applies to those with dry skin. if you have normal or oily skin DO NOT USE THIS. your face will be overly moisturized and you will look like you are melting. or severely breakout. you choose. 
not only is this facial lotion amazingly moisturizing, it also happens to be "never ending looootion" (you're supposed to sing that.. without being able to say your R's.. those who watched strongbad in their younger years will know what i am talking about.. those who didn't, disregard this side note).
i'm telling you, i ran out of lotion a month ago, but i still manage to miraculously get more lotion out of there when i swear to you it can be no emptier. which is stupendous because this lotion is a little pricey and i've already spent my frivolous budget for the month on clothes. maybe i should put the money from the gas budget towards the lotion and start walking every where.
that paragraph was full of lies, i won't walk anywhere. i have a handicap parking pass to avoid walking at all! and come on, we don't budget... but i was not lying about this never ending lotion

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