a block

to tell you i was suffering from writer's block wouldn't be quite right. i have a few things i've thought of and thought to myself, "eureka! that is exactly what i want to write" and then very promptly i forget about it.
the other problem is work and working out. they are higher on the priority list.
the other problem is that my left pinky finger really hurts. and typing is hard because apparently i use the letter a a lot. and that tends to be my left pinky's responsibility.
the final problem is that a month ago i woke up and decided "i want to be a fashion blogger." that interests me right now. i want to document all of my outfits and see if i can break out of this rut i'm in and express some creativity. i've kept it to myself for awhile but if you are interested in checking it out, you can visit rebeccawithanr.tumblr.com

i'll come back here though, i promise. jason likes it when i write about him. gotta keep that man happy. (and really it doesn't take much)

p.s. i typed "a" 52 times. ow. [though i may have miss counted.. cause counting letters is hard to do.. well, make that count 57]

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  1. fantastic idea! here is my favorite fashion blog of all time, thought you might enjoy it too :)