meet the in-laws

[the in-laws]

[pre- mr. & mrs.]

half the fun of getting married is getting a new family! and boy did i luck out with quite possibly the best in-laws ever.

the day before jason and i got married, the whole family had pictures taken by the lovely mary clark. she was so sweet and really great with the kids.

there are 6 hilarious boys (jason is the youngest boy), 1 fun little sister, 3 (now 4 including me!) amazing sisters-in-law, 7 adorable nieces and nephews, and the fearless bob and pam leading the whole gang.

i love the hamfam.



here's just a little peak of one of the shots from the big day
i cannot wait to see the rest


merry merry quite contrary

I am married to a man that with one word or one look can make me laugh and smile.

I am married to a man who truly puts me before himself.

I am married to a man who is strong, gentle, thoughtful, loving.

Jason and I have been married for one week and it has been the greatest 7 days of my life.

The wedding day was made extra sweet by my wonderful parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, friends, inlaws who worked hard to make the celebration nothing short of spectacular.

We are back from Mexico and off to Denver for our last party. Jason is currently sipping a cherry Dr. pepper and singing 'for the longest time' to me. so I'm going to join him.


i am getting married tomorrow/today

so it's the night before the big day. i'd love to be writing in my journal but it's packed away in some box ready to be moved to chicago. that was silly of me.  but i had to get on the computer to grab some inspiration photos for my hairdresser so we were both on the same page with what i want and i also needed to put some finishing touches on the playlist.  being the lazy person i am, i just grabbed 2 nice albums, one of chopin's nocturnes and the other is the soundtrack from pride & prejudice. simple enough.

i'm afraid that i will lie down to sleep and be way too excited to actually fall asleep, which is too bad because tomorrow will be a long day so i really should be sleeping.  but i'm like a kid on christmas eve. i always have trouble falling asleep on christmas eve. the excitement just bubbles through me and keeps me awake. but i guess you never know until you try. maybe i'll start counting sheep.

the next time you'll hear from me (which probably won't be for awhile), i'll have a new last name.



i'm ready for an adventure. (not that getting married isn't one) but i'm ready for city life/living in a new place adventure. i have friends off in new york, london, my sister is even heading to austria soon. not gonna lie. totally jealous. 
but i am excited beyond excited for chicago. this break has been really great, staying with family and relaxing, but i am ready to get back to work. i wanna be busy and overworked and loving every other minute of it.

i've never even been to chicago and i'm longing to be there.  i really hope it doesn't disappoint.


this is it

it's official.  jason and i are getting married on friday, may 21st in the salt lake temple.

isn't it amazing how life works out. cause it always does. life may seem hard, maybe even unfair. and it is hard, and maybe even unfair. but in the end, it always works out. there is so much more good than bad, and the good is soooo much gooder than the bad is bad.

needless to say. life is really really great right now. with graduation, an internship, an upcoming marriage to the most darling man, a truly wonderful family, and fabulous future in-laws, it is impossible to deny how amazing life, God, and faith is.

i'm really happy.  i hope you're happy too.


let your voices [and music taste] be heard

it's come time to make a wedding playlist. i'd love your input. and by input, what i mean is, now is your chance to make a request. and by request, i mean i will literally put your song of choice in the mix. (as long as it's appropriate, and by appropriate i mean no bad words or dirty things, but other than that it doesn't have to be romantic or whatever)

so start casting votes!


your attention once more

this has been floating around on the internet and i'm sure many of you have seen it but i had to post it, a) because i posted lady gaga's acoustic version last fall and b) because i had to draw attention to the girls watching him. hilarious.

24 marathon

if you can't say something interesting, don't say anything at all.

i think i could say something interesting though. just too sick and lacking the energy to put it into words.

plus i need to go find tissues and my chapstick.


this is my mother's day post

hi mom. you are pretty. inside and out. since i can't show a picture of your insides (that would be gross kinda), i'll just show a picture of your outside prettiness.


goin to the zoo zoo zoo, you can come too too too

we went to the denver zoo the other day. what a grand adventure it was.  jason really loved the hippos.  and told me all about how dangerous they are.. i had no idea.


i graduated...

...sort of




yes. i graduated from byu. yes. it was weeks ago.
whelp. better late than never.



stress is the wrong word.  i'm not stressed. i'm scared.  guys, what happens when the letter doesn't come in time.  all of the plans, poof, ruined just like that all because the letter never came.

for those of you scratching your heads, i'm waiting for a very important letter, which jason and i need in order to get married. the wedding is 2 weeks away, and still no letter. 'oh,' some may say, 'you still have 2 weeks. that's plenty of time.' sorry to be disagreeable, but i disagree.  it's about to be the week before the wedding, and still no letter. it's about to be the week of the wedding, and still no letter. think of finding the perfect one and falling in love. think about making plans for the biggest day of your life. you've envisioned it a certain way and now it's time. everything is falling into place. now think about being told, 'you can't marry him yet..'

it consumes my thoughts. it makes my chest tighten, and my throat close in a little. i'm worried. i'm scared.
and it's completely out of my hands.  and since we're out of town, i don't even have the comfort of checking the mail everyday to see for myself if it has come.

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