sunday treats

last week, i made a big sheet of pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting and boy they were delicious. there were so many of them i thought we'd never make it through.. what a laughable idea. of course we finished them. (there was a little sharing involved)

this week i made flourless peanut butter cookies with kisses on top, but i smooshed [technical term] some of them down so they are just a big pot of chocolate.  i always have trouble eating those kiss cookies. what is the best way to approach them? each all the way around the kiss, then have some chocolate on your last bite? do you bite half way into the chocolate as you eat the cookie? but if you do that, sometimes after they've cooled the kiss disconnects from the cookie. it's an arduous task my friends. tricky tricky little kisses..

i was a little apprehensive to make flourless cookies but they turned out wonderfully! i found the recipe here and altered it just a bit. i promise you, these flourless little guys won't disappoint.

(plate from anthropologie)


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  2. most of my recipes come from two peas and their pod. peeeimp.