marital bliss goes something like this


tonight i made wantons and oriental chicken salad. it took 4 trips to the grocery store to accomplish this meal. 
1-the trip we made last week for a weeks worth of meals, 2-a quick trip today to grab non-frozen meat that we wouldn't have to rapidly defrost, 3-jason made another trip to grab soy sause, 4-and because he didn't take his cell phone with him, i made another trip as soon as he got home to get salt and pepper shakers cause we left ours up at the cabin over thanksgiving. 
all in all, the meal turned out splendidly delicious, except most likely very very unhealthy.  don't let the word salad fool you.

then we had a date in our living room with netflix and chocolate covered raisins. the movie was, for lack of a more mature word, laaaaaaame. but the company was splendid. and when i was really bored i'd just lean over and give jason kisses. and when the movie was really cheesy, we'd make fun. so i'd say it was a success.

[picture from a picnic in the fall]

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