hint hint

dear jason aka btil aka boythatilove,
if you'd like, you can buy me one [or two] of these for christmas. 
your adoring bare necked wife

p.s. you're just such a good necklace giver. why change it up when things are going so well?

is it pps or pss? pps makes more sense right? post, post script. why do so many people say pss?

p.p.s. honey darling, these are in no particular order. in fact the ones near the top are not my favorite, but that's not to say that i don't love them dearly- like they were my own children in fact. (future children, don't hate me for saying i love these necklaces like i'll love you; it's simply not true) 


  1. I really hope he will get you some of those stunning necklaces...I adore the 3rd one so much:) kisses and have a lovely day

  2. All beautiful! But the first two are my favs. The 3rd ain't so bad either :)
    BTW, did you want our opinions?

  3. these are gorgeous!!! you have a very cute blog

  4. LOVING the first necklace! So pretty!