hidden falls

we went on a hike yesterday to hidden falls with my family. it was a beautiful day though a little chilly.  when we reached the falls we ran into my uncle and aunt and their family. it was a lovely yet dangerous encounter because ten people were all trying to squeeze by and hug on a 2.5 foot wide trail with a rocky hill looming to one side of us. no one was hurt, unless you count my foot getting stepped on but really i only think my boot suffered there. my brother sam took some amazing pictures of the falls with the use of a tripod and i'd share them with you but he's all the way in the house and i'm in the pool house and that's just too much darn work, which is a shame because when sam takes pictures (and he takes a lot) you know where they end up? in the dark abyss of his computer. he doesn't believe in facebook, or blogging, or photo sharing of any kind. i wonder if my impeccable persuasive powers could change that...

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