hidden falls

we went on a hike yesterday to hidden falls with my family. it was a beautiful day though a little chilly.  when we reached the falls we ran into my uncle and aunt and their family. it was a lovely yet dangerous encounter because ten people were all trying to squeeze by and hug on a 2.5 foot wide trail with a rocky hill looming to one side of us. no one was hurt, unless you count my foot getting stepped on but really i only think my boot suffered there. my brother sam took some amazing pictures of the falls with the use of a tripod and i'd share them with you but he's all the way in the house and i'm in the pool house and that's just too much darn work, which is a shame because when sam takes pictures (and he takes a lot) you know where they end up? in the dark abyss of his computer. he doesn't believe in facebook, or blogging, or photo sharing of any kind. i wonder if my impeccable persuasive powers could change that...

a review

the only reason 2010 calls for a review is this- within about one month of each other i:
graduated, got married, and moved to chicago
so instead of reviewing 2010, i really am reviewing april through may. 
the rest of the year was pretty good though what with spending all of my time with jason. he's entertaining.


a christmas surprise

wasn't expecting this bad boy. but that makes it all the more exciting yes? yes. especially after coveting one for two years. now to learn all that i need to learn about it, which is a lot. lucky, my sister in law michelle got me a photography book and she didn't even know i was getting this. how perfect is that?
i'm off to photograph more people lazily sitting around in the house in their pajamas. come on people, do something cool so i can take a picture of it!

thanks momanddad.


merry christmas

there were about 5 lucky people/couples that received this impromptu christmas card, and they all happened to have parent somewhere in their title.


good boy

jason and i were play fighting, then jason pretended to beat me up, then rocky the family dog got mad at jason and his old self got all riled up and he barked and growled and did his best to get between jason and i. 
good boy rocky, good boy.



and above all, watch
with glittering eyes
the whole world around
you because the greatest
secrets are always hidden
in the most unlikely places.
those who don't believe in 
magic will never find it.

- roald dahl



medical alert

i suffer from chronic aphthous ulcers. i'm doomed. ok really that's just the medical term for canker sores so not that serious. but what is serious is that this canker sore is causing serious pain when: 
brushing my teeth,
eating chocolate,
and kissing.
but i guess since i can't eat chocolate, i don't have to brush my teeth, but if i don't brush my teeth, kissing probably isn't an option, and if no kissing is happening then i want chocolate. it's a vicious cycle!!!


yo adrian, i did it!

as of two weeks ago, i'd never seen a rocky. as of tonight, i've seen five. holy apples, i love these movies and holy bananas, i love rocky. he is the sweetest, dumbest, sturdiest guy i know. jason's family dog really holds true to his namesake.


btil says the darndest things

me: chocolate covered raisins aren't doing it for me anymore.. and it's not that we had to switch brands. even just a piece of chocolate.. it's just not giving me the...

jason interrupts: you should try crack

party time

our favorite photographer justin hackworth threw a little party a couple nights ago for his clients from the past year. complete with a photobooth, a raffle with enough prizes for everyone, cookies & kettle corn, and a wonderful private concert by mindy gledhill. jason found a sword. i don't think it was part of the christmas prop pile.  i think it belonged to one of justin's cute boys. he used it anyway.


hint hint

dear jason aka btil aka boythatilove,
if you'd like, you can buy me one [or two] of these for christmas. 
your adoring bare necked wife

p.s. you're just such a good necklace giver. why change it up when things are going so well?

is it pps or pss? pps makes more sense right? post, post script. why do so many people say pss?

p.p.s. honey darling, these are in no particular order. in fact the ones near the top are not my favorite, but that's not to say that i don't love them dearly- like they were my own children in fact. (future children, don't hate me for saying i love these necklaces like i'll love you; it's simply not true) 

a peek in lala land

last night...

we did not: go out, watch tvondvd, movies, or sports, make a crazy intricate meal, play a board or card game

we did: try to high five each other while one of us had our eyes closed, find running horses and scottish terriers in our ceiling, attempt to sleep upside down, catch/trytocatch chocolate raisins in our mouth, teach/receive a lesson in juggling using rolled up socks, sing blue dabbadee dabbadie, drink water like a little boy and an old man at the same time, and laugh/giggle all night long


me time

hot cocoa hurts my tummy so i'm pretty selective about when i drink it. and i'm not a fan of starbuck's hot cocoa because it tastes too bitter for me. however, today i needed a little break. i went to starbuck's and ordered a salted caramel hot cocoa. i sat down at a table, no company, no laptop, and just relaxed and sipped, relaxed and sipped. it was marvelous (the quiet time) and delicious (the cocoa).


marital bliss goes something like this


tonight i made wantons and oriental chicken salad. it took 4 trips to the grocery store to accomplish this meal. 
1-the trip we made last week for a weeks worth of meals, 2-a quick trip today to grab non-frozen meat that we wouldn't have to rapidly defrost, 3-jason made another trip to grab soy sause, 4-and because he didn't take his cell phone with him, i made another trip as soon as he got home to get salt and pepper shakers cause we left ours up at the cabin over thanksgiving. 
all in all, the meal turned out splendidly delicious, except most likely very very unhealthy.  don't let the word salad fool you.

then we had a date in our living room with netflix and chocolate covered raisins. the movie was, for lack of a more mature word, laaaaaaame. but the company was splendid. and when i was really bored i'd just lean over and give jason kisses. and when the movie was really cheesy, we'd make fun. so i'd say it was a success.

[picture from a picnic in the fall]


sunday treats

last week, i made a big sheet of pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting and boy they were delicious. there were so many of them i thought we'd never make it through.. what a laughable idea. of course we finished them. (there was a little sharing involved)

this week i made flourless peanut butter cookies with kisses on top, but i smooshed [technical term] some of them down so they are just a big pot of chocolate.  i always have trouble eating those kiss cookies. what is the best way to approach them? each all the way around the kiss, then have some chocolate on your last bite? do you bite half way into the chocolate as you eat the cookie? but if you do that, sometimes after they've cooled the kiss disconnects from the cookie. it's an arduous task my friends. tricky tricky little kisses..

i was a little apprehensive to make flourless cookies but they turned out wonderfully! i found the recipe here and altered it just a bit. i promise you, these flourless little guys won't disappoint.

(plate from anthropologie)


post high bun hair day

scarf: gap, shirt: j.crew, pants: target, belt: oldnavy, boots: dsw

if i post an outfit on here without proclaiming myself to be a fashion blog does that mean that i think that i am fashionable?  cause really it means that i just round-house kicked fashion rule #27 in the face. denim/denim combo. so if you break the rule on purpose, does that make it acceptable? i'd give that a resounding yes.

my obsession with fashion blogs has been on the rise lately.  which makes getting dressed every morning fun and not so fun. fun because i like how a good outfit makes me so happy. not so fun cause sometimes it leaves me yearning for new things. i know 30for30 has been all the rage lately, and i'm not about to take on that challenge, though this little post here may be the start of something new..