to all those salesmen out there, you're doing it wrong

The Death of the Salesman has come. They are dead to all the 20 and 30 somethings out there. Maybe older. Why? Because we refuse to acknowledge them and their existence, we refuse to be persuaded by their cunning tricks.
People paid on commission know that their lively-hood depends on your patronage. Therefore, they have to ensnare you. They can’t risk losing a sale. And while those tricks may have worked for years and years because that is all that was known, businesses are getting smarter. The salesguy is a turn off. A major big fat turn off.
We’re all aware of the used-car salesmen stereotype. And while stereotypes can be negative or wrong… they don’t come out of nowhere.
Here’s my problem. I went gym shopping the other day. At the first one, they showed me around told me what the monthly fee was and said thanks for stopping by. I went up the street to another. I was sat down, told all the wonderful things they were offering that I don’t really need, and then they proceeded to try and wow me by cutting the initial $100 fee, giving me $5 off the monthly fee, only to then bring in the “manager” to give me the very special deal of my first month free. All of which was still more expensive than the first gym. Asking me to call my husband (who was in class) right then to talk to him about it, making me commit to call them that night, calling me the next day to ask me if I’d decided. I left with such a bad taste in my mouth that even if they were the better gym, I was too disgusted with their high-pressure sales pitch. Guess what guys, you are not helping yourselves out. Give it to us straight. Tell us how much it is and then leave us alone. Your sales pitch is hurting you.
People would rather go to Carmax than a dealership. If you know how to negotiate, you may be able to get a lower price at a dealership, but chances are, you don’t. And chances are, the salesman does. At Carmax, you are paying about a $1000 more than that ridiculously low price you may have (but not likely) gotten at the dealership. So now, you go to Carmax, there is no haggling involved, and you know you are getting a fair price.
You’d think more businesses would start catching on. Just be fair, give it to us straight, and we will respect you. You want our respect don’t you? Because respect will likely turn into patronage, which will likely turn into loyalty, and boom, you’ve got a lifetime consumer.
I don’t think I can say it more simply than this… cut the crap.


  1. Best deal I've found is 24.

    2 year commitment, all paid up front and each month to 12.50.

    And I went to gold's and had the same feeling!

  2. I agree with everything! Except, for some strange reason Alan loves negotiating when it comes to new cars. And he is pretty good at it. He has gotten some killer deals and he gets excited about the process!

  3. Life in La La Land, thanks for the shout out! We couldn't agree more. ~Britt from CarMax's Home Office