perfect sunday

here's what a perfect sunday entails..

- 7 year old nephew giving a legit talk in sacrament meeting about gratitude (the bishopric knew exactly what they were doing when they asked him. this kid's solid. he wrote the whole thing himself and then spoke from the heart a bit at the end, challenging the congregation to "think of one, no, think of three things you are grateful for")
- followed by wonderful talks by his parents
- then a delicious meal
- a viewing of elf where everyone in the room was asleep at one point or another
- a triple batch of nobakecookies
- a drawing of names for gifts for the extended family
- and finally, getting back home by 7:20 with still plenty of the evening to enjoy more relaxing and quiet


  1. seriously, that does sound like a good sunday. especially the part about elf and cookies and gifts.

  2. I wanted so badly to be there! Maybe then it wouldn't have been quite so perfect? Anyway, I would have loved to be in Sacrament Mtg. I'm sure they did a great job. No doubt, Luke's the man!!