more free advice

i figure since no businesses are actually listening to me, i can offer all the free advice i want. so, here we go again.

i have been sick for about 2 months now. it started with the normal fall cold, turned into an itchy throat inside and out, and just continued downhill from there. at my mother's advice (now there's some quality advice that is always free) i decided it was high time i purchased a multivitamin. whether or not that will actually help me be any healthier, it's probably good to take them, yes?

so while at our favorite local groceryslasheverythingelseyoucouldeverneed store, i meandered my way over to the multivitamin aisle. ok, so i should probably get a woman specific vitamin seeing as we all have an iron deficiency.. ok here's a woman's vitamin. that looks good. oh wait, here's another woman's vitamin. this one is $2 less. hmm.. well what's different about them. this one, let's call it centrum, has way more vitamin c. but this one, we'll call it one-a-day, has more folic acid.. hmm..

so i'm standing there, comparing nutritional values of these women's daily multivitamins and i decide, i'm feeling good about this one-a-day. but this point, i've been so caught up in comparing vitamin percentages that i have no idea which one is more expensive.. so what caused my decision? i will tell you.

the women's centrum package is silver. has harsh blocky writing. my subconscious told me "this packaging is manly, put it down."
the women's one-a-day package is yellow, has 'women's' written in cursive, and has sunrays beaming out of its name. my subconscious told me, "you can always trust the sunrays."

packaging people. if you're trying to market a women specific good to women, maybe you could make it look a little.. i don't know, maaaybe, womanly?


  1. im a sucker for packaging. i admit it. the prettier package of rice, vitamins or whatever always wins.

  2. hahaha love it!
    but soooo true
    always go for the pretty