me and les mis

my love affair with les mis began when i was a wee one.  my mother, barbie, is quite the amazing singer. she has graced many stages to perform musicals and concerts. so from a young age, all of us children were exposed to a great deal of music. i was 4 when we moved to connecticut, which contrary to popular belief is not in the south, its east of new york people.

i don't remember the exact age. maybe 7? but i do know this. les miserables was the very first show i saw on broadway in the great city of new york. i remember wishing i could be little cossette, up there singing on the stage in front of all those people. i remember looking for her at the curtain call and i asked my mom why she wasn't there and she told me she probably went to bed. yes, that makes sense, cause my seven year old self is really tired too. i might have fallen asleep near the end. and that's when it began. that year i sang "castle on a cloud" for our school talent show.  my mom dressed me up in rags, put dirt on my face and a bucket in my hand and i sang my little heart out.

a few years later we went again. and then again a few more years after that.  when my brothers and i finally got around to seeing phantom of the opera, we scoffed at it, claiming les mis was so much better.

while at dinner tonight, some of the songs came up. jason sang "castle on a cloud" with me and we remembered how awesome it was when susan boyle sang "i dreamed a dream" on britain's got talent.  i shed a tear every time. then i had to sing "look down look down, you're standing in your grave" and "welcome monsiuer, sit yourself down, and meet the best innkeeper in town"

what is with that music? it is just so good! and the story, oh the story. so beautiful. i would put on the soundtrack as a child and dance around the family room as i sang along.  i may have abandoned my dream of becoming a star freshman year of college when decided that advertising was the place for me, but i may or may not still dream of being little cossette.. i might be too old for that now, so maybe i should start dreaming of being big cossette. it's not too late is it?

so dear friends, read the book, watch the movie, listen to the soundtrack, and go see the show.

(why do all of my favorite things take place in france? a tale of two cities, les mis, amelie, and why have a i never been there?)


  1. A girl who graduated from BYU 2 years ago in my brother's class, Jenny Latimer just opened on broadway as Cosette in the revival of Les Mis! Crazy, right?

  2. i love the btyl because he thinks like me.

  3. I've never seen it. It seriously tortures me that I haven't.

  4. I am going to read the book and watch the movie...I cant wait!!!! Thanks! Such a great post, my dear