let's send out 11 consecutive texts to remind them of the non-existant severe weather

a few weeks ago, jason and i gave ourselves a rule. we can only eat out once a week. sit down, fast food, whatever it may be, it may only happen once. this was to help our wallets and waistlines, but actually its just made going out that much more fun.  moderation.. what a novel idea.

so tonight found us at: 
red robin where we found some bottomless fries
then the empty byu basketball game where we found another blowout
then the cocoa bean where we found ourselves really full after sharing two delicious cupcakes
and then home where we found our favorite netflix treasure of the moment, 30 rock.

we still haven't found the storm they warned us all week about.
anyone, anyone?

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  1. omg, amen. i am so annoyed. i was rather looking forward to a blizzard.