i think i have the black lung pop

i hate getting my face wet. in the pool, in the rain, in the shower. which also means i'm pretty averse to washing my face.  because i especially hate getting my face wet when the rest of me isn't wet.  i hate how my hair feels if a bit of water gets splashed around the roots, i hate the way the water runs down my arms, and mostly, i hate purposefully splashing water all over my face.

i use face cloths, but those get dirty so quickly. i use disposable towelettes but those get expensive.  i took to showering at night since that makes the process more bearable but who showers every day. psh.. not me.  cause then your hair gets wet and that's a whole new set of problems.

well tonight i found the answer. lots and lots of cotton balls. a cotton ball to wet my face, a cotton ball to remove makeup, a cotton ball with facial cleanser, and cotton ball with water to wash it all away. and after i was done i looked down at my nice happy pile of cotton balls, so pleased with myself, and realized i'm a male model. yikes.

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  1. hahaha! this is hilarious bc this is exactly how i feel. i broke out kinda bad a couple weeks ago and realized it was bc i had stopped washing my face. i've been trying the nighttime showering thing, but alas, who really does shower everyday? so i will just have to try your cotton ball idea!