dangnabit hababit

my obsessionslashaddictionslashdependence of chapstick has reached all new levels. i carry it around, not in my purse, not in my pocket, in my hand. i get to work, pull my chapstick out and set it on my desk. when i have meetings, go talk to people, get up for any reason, i bring my chapstick with me. i twirl it in my fingers while having conversations. this is probably unhealthy and distracting.

when i was single and living in college apartments where the bed is ridiculously high, i was in the habit of leaning over my bed while on my laptop instead of sitting in my favorite papasan chair or climbing up into bed. i would lean over my bed for hours.. standing with my feet on the ground, elbows and stomach on the bed. i'm telling you, it was seriously comfortable. well, its begun again. i am currently leaning against my bed. though this one is a bit lower so it's not as comfortable but still rather pleasant.

this last habit of mine is all the rage these days. i broke up with my immune system.. sent him packing. we've been apart for over a month now and i think i'm starting to miss him. so mister immune system, i'm sorry i took you for granted. please come back.

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