dancing in the kitchen

this is not a joke or a cute little saying. i dance in the kitchen often. and currently every time this song comes on i dance to it. and seeing as it is on a playlist consisting of only four songs, it comes on a lot. i've long had a major girlcrush on marina.

{{i wish i could look like her in her i am not a robot video, cause she's a babe and who doesn't want to have sparkly diamonds all over their body or rhinestones on their lips and eyelids. [who's up for recreating this music video with me. anyone, anyone?] }}

and while this particular song is not the latest in breaking music news, it's still a wonderful gem.

did you dance a little? i know i did. and i'm in bed.


  1. Your Dison grandparents danced in the kitchen. As a kid I would catch them doing the waltz or the swing. Your dad and I danced in the kitchen. No particular dance just an excuse to hold each other. remember when gwen s. caught us. :) Love that you dance. Now get Jason to dance with you! miss you.

  2. You are right, that is a fun song. However, YOU are way cuter than her! She is cute...but you are ADORABLE!

  3. thanks to you, this is a new favorite song
    love love love