350 degrees

i wasn't going to make cookies tonight. i had a piece of chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling covered in chocolate ganache [compliments of my sisterinlaw michelle]. i figured that filled my treat quota for the day. however, certain situations constitute the allowance of innumerable amounts of sweets.

breakups, womentimes, girlfriends' breakups, girlfriends' womentimes, weekends, movie nights, game days [this list got longer than i expected quicker than i expected].

i don't know how this fits into the list, but my executive decision is that it belongs there: car troubles.
i have to register my car in utah [that's a whole issue of its own.. a utah license plate will be on my car. utah! people..] i probably need new tires. and to top it off, today i got a parking ticket. eh, twentyfive dollars. nothing to cry over. five hours later when i sat down to pay that ticket online, i realized i had three parking tickets. then i felt like crying. and after i decided it wasn't worth crying over, i decided that this warranted cookies.

so now i'm making cookies tonight.. i wonder if i could pay these tickets in cookies. they are really really good cookies.

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  1. Boo tickets! I got 3 speeding tickets in the first 6 months of living in Utah. I took this as a sign I wasn't supposed to be here! (not that I needed to slow down...I totally did NOT!)