on or off the market, i know what's right or wrong in the dating world. maybe it's because i know these rights and wrongs so well that i am in fact off the market, so listen up chillens.

men, it is not ok to send a girl you've only gone on a couple dates with a picture of yourself shirtless, flexing every muscle you so desperately love in hopes that she'll love them as much as you.

maybe if he'd sent her a picture of him wearing this it might have worked out.

because then we would know it wasn't serious. right? right?? wait, you're not serious, right?

[for those of you unfamiliar with the reality show the jersey shore, from what i understand, there is a self-labeled man called 'the situation' who likes to show off his abs.  so some smart creative kid at the miami ad school designed this little number.  i know alot of guys who would happily rock this shirt. those same guys are breaking alot of dating rules... steer clear ladies, steer clear] 


  1. that is so horrible it's hysterical!

  2. Aren't you a comms major? Pop Culture 101 - Jersey SHORE. Don't you work in the industry? funny picture!

  3. whoops.. typo. doug i just didn't want to let on how much i know about this show. like that fact that snooki is writing a book! yikes!