the picture in my mind is perfect

The other day I learned something new about Jason. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was the first time I was hearing this news. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It made me see him in a whole different light.
In elementary school, Jason went year round. CRASH BANG WHOOSH WHAT?!? I grew up in Connecticut. We went the traditional September to June. The only reason I’d ever heard of year round school is because my uncle taught at one on the other side on the country. But no one else was doing it. School was September to June. Always.
Jason kept saying that it wasn’t a big deal. But it was, it is. Here’s why.
You know when you’re reading a book, and there is a picture of it in your mind. You are seeing the main character in their room, lying on the bed. It is facing a window. There is a mirror to the left and the character leans over to the right to turn off the light. You’ve constructed a visual. It is and will always be that room every time you read that book. But wait, here is something you haven’t yet read. The character climbs off the RIGHT side of the bed to look in the mirror. The right? I thought it was on the left? Aaaccchh!! My picture! What is happening? It’s self-combusting! I can’t move that mirror. I can’t. It’s on the left not on the right! And now you are telling me my picture is wrong. But I liked that picture, and I can’t get it out of my head!
[This always happens to me by the way. I build a picture right from the beginning of the book only to realize I had the rooms all mixed up, it was dirtier, fancier, warmer, the girl was taller, the fire was brighter than I’d imagined. So annoying right? Then I have to try and rearrange things but rarely does it work.]
Anyway, sweet childhood Jason went to school year round, and my picture is all skiwampus.


  1. Isn't it funny when you learn something new about your husband that just totally throws you?! haha