let's go to the moovies

we went to see a movie this week. 11 am friday morning. early bird matinee special. super cheap yes ma'am. are we newly weds or are we newly weds? we saw the social network and both really enjoyed it. but that's not why i am here today. i am here today to tell you one of my new favorite things that makes me giggle.  you know that moment after each preview ends? that moment of silence? where every person in the theater is forming an opinion? sometimes a person shares this thought out loud, sometimes everyone remains silent. but we're all thinking the same thing.. whether or not we are going to see that movie.
after one particular preview the silence was potent. so potent that i knew ever person in the theater was thinking, "woah." and that's when i started to giggle. and then i started the laugh. and then the next preview started so i started to get quiet. but every time after each preview ended i was equally amused. why are we so entertained by previews? we all know that the main reason we go to the movies is for the previews. and we sit there and get more excited about the previews than the movie we are actually there to see (i really hate when that happens). and it seems like there are so many great movies coming out. but then they do come out, and we forget about them, or they get terrible reviews, but the preview seemed soooo cool. what is it with previews that entrances us? really world, i don't have an answer. but i will continue to be amused after ever silence that follows some super intense movie preview that just blows everyone's mind.

all i have to say is, we're pretty easy to please if we prefer the mysterious 60 second story to the full length 2 hour version. microwave generation, what are we coming to?

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