i can unscrew the stars

jason has a late class on wednesdays. i got home from work and he left for school. sad. false. i mean yes. but no. errm. this sounds bad. moving right along.

i made myself queso dip, popped open a can of cherry dr pepper, turned up my favorite lady music really loud, and will now proceed to read blogs. (and inevitably have some work mixed in there.. i love advertising and its never sleeping ways.)

speaking of blog reading, whenever i find a blog i really like and then find out it's been in existence for 5 years, i know i've struck gold. you can bet that i will spend the next week reading the last 5 years of this person's life. in one week i get to see the transformation, growth, sorrows, triumphs, and secrets of this person i have never ever met and leads a much different life than me.  the planner in me is jumping for joy.

speaking of dr. pepper, without fail, every single time i or someone else says dr. pepper, i sing "it makes the world taste better." which hasn't been their tagline for like 10 years. that's one sticky tagline. not sticky enough though since they've had about 23 taglines since that one was used in 2000.

speaking of lady music, i got all courageous and went to go sing at open mic night last night. apparently the line-up filled up quicker than usual and by the time i got there the list was already full. jason was very upset so we went to sammy's for burgers and shakes to console ourselves. i will go next week though. i will i will. i told jason he couldn't bring any friends though. so no, you are not invited. i'd rather sing in front of a bunch of strangers. course seeing how this is provo and we've been here for awhile, inevitably i will run into some distant acquaintance from freshman year that i usually try desperately to avoid.. so really i'd rather have you there than have to talk to them.

speaking of work.. it's getting busy busy and i love it.

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  1. nice job. i usually can't go back farther than about a year of a stranger's life before i feel too creepy and stop. this post gave me a strangely strong craving for dr. pepper and night stalking.