i face the same problem every 3 months. do i or do i not highlight my hair? when my roots start getting bad i always start hating the blond and wanting my natural light brown. but after i get the highlights i'm always so happy. one time i hated the blond so much i dyed my hair. correction. a beauty schooler dyed my hair. DISASTER. it was black, and then dark dark brown/red. one time i got so sick of the blond that i let the roots grow all the way past my ears. a whole year without highlights. and then i went home for the summer, and what do you think i did? highlighted my hair. then i got so sick of the blond that i went to my ever so experienced favorite hairstylist who gave me a nice solid brown but warned me that my blond would come right back through it after awhile. it did. since then i have consistently kept my highlights up to date. but i face the same battle every time. and i think i've finally determined that some fake brown isn't gonna cut it because it will never achieve my actual color. i think it's time for the waiting game to begin. so if i start talking about going to get highlights, don't let me! i'm going to do it this time. i am! i think..


  1. Hey you,Did I already tell you I tried some cupcakes at THE Chocolate? I loved them! AND I just found out we are getting the second one just down 90th from our house! :) Lucky me!

  2. the trick to hard boiling eggs:

    1) put the eggs in cold water
    2) turn the heat on
    3) wait until the water boils. when it does, let the eggs boil for ONE minute
    4) turn off the heat and remove the pan from the burner
    5) let the eggs sit in the hot water 15 minutes
    6) immediately immerse the eggs in cold water/ice water to cool them off and prevent them from overcooking

    it usually works...:)

  3. awesome! i'm gonna try that next time