hallows eve

currently working in the 2nd annual dollar haunted house produced by jason's old roommates. i lost my voice last night screaming so creepy whispering will have to do. i think it's doing the trick.. orrr treat?

i apologize, that was lame.


the picture in my mind is perfect

The other day I learned something new about Jason. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was the first time I was hearing this news. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It made me see him in a whole different light.
In elementary school, Jason went year round. CRASH BANG WHOOSH WHAT?!? I grew up in Connecticut. We went the traditional September to June. The only reason I’d ever heard of year round school is because my uncle taught at one on the other side on the country. But no one else was doing it. School was September to June. Always.
Jason kept saying that it wasn’t a big deal. But it was, it is. Here’s why.
You know when you’re reading a book, and there is a picture of it in your mind. You are seeing the main character in their room, lying on the bed. It is facing a window. There is a mirror to the left and the character leans over to the right to turn off the light. You’ve constructed a visual. It is and will always be that room every time you read that book. But wait, here is something you haven’t yet read. The character climbs off the RIGHT side of the bed to look in the mirror. The right? I thought it was on the left? Aaaccchh!! My picture! What is happening? It’s self-combusting! I can’t move that mirror. I can’t. It’s on the left not on the right! And now you are telling me my picture is wrong. But I liked that picture, and I can’t get it out of my head!
[This always happens to me by the way. I build a picture right from the beginning of the book only to realize I had the rooms all mixed up, it was dirtier, fancier, warmer, the girl was taller, the fire was brighter than I’d imagined. So annoying right? Then I have to try and rearrange things but rarely does it work.]
Anyway, sweet childhood Jason went to school year round, and my picture is all skiwampus.


an endless battle

i cannot even begin to tell you how many times a month i get called rachel. and every time, i politely correct the incorrect person, "oh, it's rebecca actually." and every time, they knew that. often, it's someone who has known me for sometime and multiple times has addressed me by rebecca, but on this occasion slips up and calls me rachel. and then they are embarrassed, and then i tell them that this mistake happens all the time, that people interchange rebecca and rachel as though they were yams and sweet potatoes. which are basically the same thing, whereas rebecca and rachel are most definitely not. i could understand calling greg, craig. or alyssa, alicia (i mean, that's even a stretch). rebecca and rachel don't even sound alike. they begin with R and both contain a C and an E.

i could go on. but then i would start to sound like it bothers me. it really doesn't bother me. it really just amazes me that on a consistant bases i get called rachel. sometimes i respond to it, too embarrassed for the other person to correct them. one time over the summer, i let someone call me rachel all day. it wasn't until a meeting in the afternoon that someone else corrected them. i guess i could have saved her more embarrassment by correcting her earlier.. oh well.

i just really felt as though this issue should be addressed before it becomes a serious epidemic.

does this happen for any other names? and what i really want to know is do rachels have the same problem?


jason and i forgot who's pillow is who's. we bought two very different ones. one is for a stomach and side sleeper, and one is for a back sleeper. one is a little firmer and one is a little plusher. we cannot remember who picked out which one. every two weeks the discussion comes up again. and somewhere along the line we switch pillows only to switch back again. except i stand by the claim that i am currently in possession of my true pillow. i know because the tag says "somethingorother luxury." now out of the two of us, who do you think chose the pillow with luxury in the title. dingdingding, if you chose rebecca, then you are correct.

jason just told me i'm corny. guess who's sleeping on the couch tonight without any pillow at all.



i face the same problem every 3 months. do i or do i not highlight my hair? when my roots start getting bad i always start hating the blond and wanting my natural light brown. but after i get the highlights i'm always so happy. one time i hated the blond so much i dyed my hair. correction. a beauty schooler dyed my hair. DISASTER. it was black, and then dark dark brown/red. one time i got so sick of the blond that i let the roots grow all the way past my ears. a whole year without highlights. and then i went home for the summer, and what do you think i did? highlighted my hair. then i got so sick of the blond that i went to my ever so experienced favorite hairstylist who gave me a nice solid brown but warned me that my blond would come right back through it after awhile. it did. since then i have consistently kept my highlights up to date. but i face the same battle every time. and i think i've finally determined that some fake brown isn't gonna cut it because it will never achieve my actual color. i think it's time for the waiting game to begin. so if i start talking about going to get highlights, don't let me! i'm going to do it this time. i am! i think..


an open letter to hostess

dear hostess,
thank you for responding to my complaint. and thank you for the complementary coupons. i never expected such generosity.
with my ever most sincerity, rebecca

any one up for a cupcake or ho-hos run tonight?

an open letter to netflix

dear netflix,
you rock.
love, rebecca


name change

the baton has been handed off. (see.. two authors over there <--- ...maybe i should fix that) it started long ago with church records. those change immediately. then social security. then bank accounts. then email address. then byu records. then user names. then google reader. and now finally blogger. i wish i could say that the change was completely done. sadly i refuse to get a utah license, though i think i need to.. that is not yet changed. nor is my passport. so really this process isn't quite over yet. but i do think that this here blogger change is quite monumental. hence the post to document it. obviously.

punkin patch

jason likes when people talk about him and blog about him, which is why he's very sad that his sister-in-law tara slowed down on her blog posting this year. he's often heard exclaiming, "i can't believe she stopped blogging the year i got married. i just think it's really rude." so because i love my husband, and i love his family that has been deprived of pictures of precious children for the last year, i've decided to blog for tara. and of course you'll see a little picture of btil... cause that's why we're all really here right?

picture two is my favorite. picture three is jason's. he told william not to smile thinking his brilliant reverse psychology would work.. it did not

let's go to the moovies

we went to see a movie this week. 11 am friday morning. early bird matinee special. super cheap yes ma'am. are we newly weds or are we newly weds? we saw the social network and both really enjoyed it. but that's not why i am here today. i am here today to tell you one of my new favorite things that makes me giggle.  you know that moment after each preview ends? that moment of silence? where every person in the theater is forming an opinion? sometimes a person shares this thought out loud, sometimes everyone remains silent. but we're all thinking the same thing.. whether or not we are going to see that movie.
after one particular preview the silence was potent. so potent that i knew ever person in the theater was thinking, "woah." and that's when i started to giggle. and then i started the laugh. and then the next preview started so i started to get quiet. but every time after each preview ended i was equally amused. why are we so entertained by previews? we all know that the main reason we go to the movies is for the previews. and we sit there and get more excited about the previews than the movie we are actually there to see (i really hate when that happens). and it seems like there are so many great movies coming out. but then they do come out, and we forget about them, or they get terrible reviews, but the preview seemed soooo cool. what is it with previews that entrances us? really world, i don't have an answer. but i will continue to be amused after ever silence that follows some super intense movie preview that just blows everyone's mind.

all i have to say is, we're pretty easy to please if we prefer the mysterious 60 second story to the full length 2 hour version. microwave generation, what are we coming to?


customer dissatisfaction

tonight was a night for hankerings.  jason had a hankering for a spicy mcchicken sandwich. and since i had a hankering for dingdongs, i really couldn't chastise him for craving mickey d's after dinner. so off we went to walmart. he went to the double arches while i found the snack aisle.  this is not a normal occurrence.  i am all about treats, but they better be homemade baked goods. none of this store bought stuff. but i had decided, yes, i am going to buy myself some hostess goodness, and i am going to eat the whole box.  we walked out of walmart (i feel super white-trashy every time i talk about walmart, but seriously, its about 7 breaths away. yes breaths not breadths.) hand in hand, and bags in hand. once we arrived home i plopped down on our comfy miracle couch and opened my box. i told jason he could have as many as he wanted (thinking he didn't like dingdongs) and he said he wanted all but one. i told him he could have as many as i wanted him to. which was two. you know what i love about dingdongs? (the only thing i remembered from the 2 times i've had them.)  they each come individually wrapped.  like each one is a little present. i unwrapped one and took my first and only joyous bite. alas, these dingdongs were exactly like the cold utah tundra... dry. i choked down the rest of the dingdong, hoping the creme filling would compensate for the obvious dryness but to no avail. i tweeted my disdain. then i ate another one. still no good. jason had one. he was disappointed. i threw the box to the floor. and then i read something interesting on the box. "quality guarantee: HOSTESS is committed to providing quality bakery products. we invite your comments and questions." yeah, i have a question, why are my dingdongs so dang dry?! so i wrote them a little message. which i can't actually remember now.. something about me crying over my failed midnight snack and the fact that i tweeted about the dryness.. i don't know.. but i assure you, 1) it was hilarious by my personally set standards, 2) they might not take me seriously, 3) which is a shame because i really do want a new box. or some hohos instead. cupcakes would be acceptable too.

i will keep you posted on how closely they stand by their guarantee. and now i think i'll go throw this box away, cause i may be tempted to try another one in the morning for breakfast. (you never know.. the rest could still be good.. maybe?)



let it be known that jason is home and we are going to eat ice cream and watch avatar for the first time [let it be known that it is only my first time, not jason's].

and i am a happy girl.

i can unscrew the stars

jason has a late class on wednesdays. i got home from work and he left for school. sad. false. i mean yes. but no. errm. this sounds bad. moving right along.

i made myself queso dip, popped open a can of cherry dr pepper, turned up my favorite lady music really loud, and will now proceed to read blogs. (and inevitably have some work mixed in there.. i love advertising and its never sleeping ways.)

speaking of blog reading, whenever i find a blog i really like and then find out it's been in existence for 5 years, i know i've struck gold. you can bet that i will spend the next week reading the last 5 years of this person's life. in one week i get to see the transformation, growth, sorrows, triumphs, and secrets of this person i have never ever met and leads a much different life than me.  the planner in me is jumping for joy.

speaking of dr. pepper, without fail, every single time i or someone else says dr. pepper, i sing "it makes the world taste better." which hasn't been their tagline for like 10 years. that's one sticky tagline. not sticky enough though since they've had about 23 taglines since that one was used in 2000.

speaking of lady music, i got all courageous and went to go sing at open mic night last night. apparently the line-up filled up quicker than usual and by the time i got there the list was already full. jason was very upset so we went to sammy's for burgers and shakes to console ourselves. i will go next week though. i will i will. i told jason he couldn't bring any friends though. so no, you are not invited. i'd rather sing in front of a bunch of strangers. course seeing how this is provo and we've been here for awhile, inevitably i will run into some distant acquaintance from freshman year that i usually try desperately to avoid.. so really i'd rather have you there than have to talk to them.

speaking of work.. it's getting busy busy and i love it.


dangle dangle

i'm more of a studs person myself but my sister got me these fabulous earrings for my birthday and i am in love with them. good work caitbait, good work.

[photo by jason]

kick off

there is no better way to start conference weekend than to go to a bluesgrass hymn revival concert. let me tell you. it was awesome. the lower lights is full of talented musicians and i'm so glad we got the chance to see them all.

<a href="http://thelowerlights.bandcamp.com/album/the-lower-lights-a-hymn-revival">The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival by The Lower Lights</a>



on or off the market, i know what's right or wrong in the dating world. maybe it's because i know these rights and wrongs so well that i am in fact off the market, so listen up chillens.

men, it is not ok to send a girl you've only gone on a couple dates with a picture of yourself shirtless, flexing every muscle you so desperately love in hopes that she'll love them as much as you.

maybe if he'd sent her a picture of him wearing this it might have worked out.

because then we would know it wasn't serious. right? right?? wait, you're not serious, right?

[for those of you unfamiliar with the reality show the jersey shore, from what i understand, there is a self-labeled man called 'the situation' who likes to show off his abs.  so some smart creative kid at the miami ad school designed this little number.  i know alot of guys who would happily rock this shirt. those same guys are breaking alot of dating rules... steer clear ladies, steer clear]