simma down nah

when i buy new clothes, i like to let them simmer. does anyone else do that? like, wearing them right away will take away the excitement from the fact that they are new clothes. and because i don't do anything all day, no one will be able to appreciate the delicious works of art that they are. and jason doesn't count. he'd think i looked good in a bag. and not the paperbag princess style bag cause that'd probably be pretty cute. i'm talking straight up, dumpster, garbage bag bag. the kind you turn into a makeshift poncho.
anyway, my clothes are simmering. still wrapped in their precious paper tissue because i'm afraid if they touch anything else they will be contaminated.  i really need to get my shoes back (which are in colorado) and my accessories (which are at grandma's) so that i can do these fabulous clothes justice and give them the compliments they deserve. (not compliments coming from other people, cause boy does that sounds conceited. i mean compliments, like complimentary colors. whew, saved myself from that one. but compliments [the nice version not the color version] will be readily accepted as well).

maybe i should just wear them, and stop dreaming about wearing them.
i guess what this all boils down to is... i wish i was chuck.


  1. oh my gosh. I will always wish to be Chuck. And I totally do the same thing. I have some pretty things simmering at the moment. However, with an acting major and all the movement classes, I have to wear sweats every day, which is totally a downer...

  2. i wear my new clothes right out of the store. like. change. in the car. pants. shirts. bras. what have you.