i have been excited about christmas since april, but i feel like september is an acceptable time to start deciding on presents. i have found my mother's, my sister's, and half of jason's presents. now i can't wait until it is an acceptable time to decorate and listen to christmas music.  wooowee!

this is what my day sounded like. sniffle sniffle sneeze sniffle sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle tickle-y nose sniffle sneeze

so obviously i decided today would be a good day for a run. and yes, yes it was. also, i discovered, running with jason is a bad idea. i set a pace way too fast for myself and then i can't breathe, and then my heart hurts, and then my leg cramps up. so today i went by myself. voila! problem solved.

also, do you have any friends that look like other older friends of yours? my friend lindsay dances just like a friend from high school. and my friend claire has very similar facial expression to a friend from elementary school. ever see someone and feel like you know them but realize they look exactly like someone else you met recently and you're getting them confused.. like someone you met in a completely different state in a completely different situation, but for some reason, you swear you know them?

lastly, i wrote a song today. this song is like me in my very favorite outfit, eating fudge, and buying colorful flowers. i've been singing it in my head all day. it's a happy one folks, i tell ya.


  1. I'm so excited to hear it! I wrote a song too...not a happy one. But i like it.

  2. Did you mean to say gesundheit??? Just had to tease! I had to look up the correct spelling myself! I wasn't even close.

  3. You know that Christmas also means homemade fudge covered marshmallows.