couch vs. basement apartment

choose your version, long or short

welcome ladies and gentleman to one of the greatest brawls in history. couch is taking on his greatest rival, basement apartment.  over the years, basement apartment has smashed couch to smithereens, so let's see what will unfold today, shall we.

i found a couch. it was cheap, very comfy, 8 years old, but pretty clean. and it was $70. and i loved it. jason's friend came over to help us get it down into our apartment.  but the laws of physics said, "this is not right." they tried about 4 times, attempted to lift and reposition, turn, pivot, while standing on the stairs with the heavy couch in hand.

fail. basement apartment won. "i will not have this couch," it said.

we decided that if we took the door off, couch might just stand a chance. friend1 took off because he had an interview to get to, so jason and i headed for lowes. but i told him door off or not, there was no way i'd be able to help him down the stairs with that heavy thing. enter friend2.

friend2, let's call him nate, was at our place in 10 minutes, tool set in hand. they removed the door and the match began again. fail. multiple attempts and different angles. fail fail fail. now, jason and i are thinking we are going to have to resell the couch, and try desperately to find another decent one for a decent price. not likely. but nate hasn't given up. he decides to take off the stair railing. smart man. the guys were able to bring the couch down at another angle they hadn't been able to try before. and that's when basement apartment started to tease couch. he let couch smell a possible victory just to shut him down. but no... wait. what's this. couch is going for it. laws of physics be defied. yes! the couch is in, ladies and gentlemen, the couch is in!

it was really really hard, but we got the couch into our apartment.

nate and jason [not pictured] are gonne make this happen cap'n


  1. hahahaha YES!! We had this same issue with basement apartment vs. mattress and box springs. Now the fun is getting them out some day.

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you! Having your own space as a married couple is essential. Congrats

  3. I've been wanting to call you but can't find your number. My cold has resurfaced. I'm having dejavu. WE want you to come for dinner. Can you come this Friday night? Do you mind if I still have small indications of a cold lingering? AND I do want to help, in whatever way I can, in decorating. Pro Bono. I'd love to help in whatever way possible!