who keeps their cookies in a cookie jar
rebecca keeps her cookies in a cookie jar
who, rebecca? yes, rebecca.
couldn't be, of course it could..



i have been excited about christmas since april, but i feel like september is an acceptable time to start deciding on presents. i have found my mother's, my sister's, and half of jason's presents. now i can't wait until it is an acceptable time to decorate and listen to christmas music.  wooowee!

this is what my day sounded like. sniffle sniffle sneeze sniffle sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle tickle-y nose sniffle sneeze

so obviously i decided today would be a good day for a run. and yes, yes it was. also, i discovered, running with jason is a bad idea. i set a pace way too fast for myself and then i can't breathe, and then my heart hurts, and then my leg cramps up. so today i went by myself. voila! problem solved.

also, do you have any friends that look like other older friends of yours? my friend lindsay dances just like a friend from high school. and my friend claire has very similar facial expression to a friend from elementary school. ever see someone and feel like you know them but realize they look exactly like someone else you met recently and you're getting them confused.. like someone you met in a completely different state in a completely different situation, but for some reason, you swear you know them?

lastly, i wrote a song today. this song is like me in my very favorite outfit, eating fudge, and buying colorful flowers. i've been singing it in my head all day. it's a happy one folks, i tell ya.



today i had a terrifying thought.. what if one of my sisters-in-law chooses a name that i have my heart set on. [yes, i spent an entire sunday afternoon in chicago reading a babyname book. there was nothing else to read, i swear] so i am basically dead set on two girl names, first and middle for both, and i will cry if some else takes them.  and seeing as i have three sisters-in-law that already have children and will most definitely have more much much sooner than my newly married self will, something must be done. maybe i should copyright them...


btil says the darndest things

spiders have been a common occurrence in our place as of late, so jason is frequently summoned to rid the place of them. and he's not always fond of having to end their life. this is what their encounter sounded like the other night:

"hey there little guy, say hello to my grandmother for me, ok?"


fake cake

i made a cake from scratch. it was very moist. so moist, in fact, that it did not want to come out of its pans. so sister-in-law steff grabbed a cake from walmart last minute and saved the day.

hi mom! yes i sneezed on the cake. juuust kidding. know what else i didn't do... make a wish. i have everything i need. cheesy but true. (i mean come on, look at those awesome aprons. who could ask for anything more)


golden boy

22 on the 22nd

(so actually i'm a golden girl, but i just watched the marine biologist episode of seinfeld yesterday so golden boy seemed fitting)

[boythatilove made me breakfast in bed. i love that boy. sheesh that was redundant]



the mountain across the valley from the 'point of the mountain' is on fire. at night, it looks like mordor. time for another lotr marathon.

i really want to hate this song. its sickeningly catchy. i listen to the whole thing every time its on the radio. i still think i hate it..... blech, i just watched the music video. well, about 41 seconds of it. i hate it even more.. so yeah, enjoy that one.

face, quit leaking. you're making my eyes hurt.

camu camu scentsy, i'm thoroughly obsessed with you. i don't think a single smell has ever made me happier.


btil says the darndest things

he really did say the darndest thing the other day. only i can't remember what it was...


couch vs. basement apartment

choose your version, long or short

welcome ladies and gentleman to one of the greatest brawls in history. couch is taking on his greatest rival, basement apartment.  over the years, basement apartment has smashed couch to smithereens, so let's see what will unfold today, shall we.

i found a couch. it was cheap, very comfy, 8 years old, but pretty clean. and it was $70. and i loved it. jason's friend came over to help us get it down into our apartment.  but the laws of physics said, "this is not right." they tried about 4 times, attempted to lift and reposition, turn, pivot, while standing on the stairs with the heavy couch in hand.

fail. basement apartment won. "i will not have this couch," it said.

we decided that if we took the door off, couch might just stand a chance. friend1 took off because he had an interview to get to, so jason and i headed for lowes. but i told him door off or not, there was no way i'd be able to help him down the stairs with that heavy thing. enter friend2.

friend2, let's call him nate, was at our place in 10 minutes, tool set in hand. they removed the door and the match began again. fail. multiple attempts and different angles. fail fail fail. now, jason and i are thinking we are going to have to resell the couch, and try desperately to find another decent one for a decent price. not likely. but nate hasn't given up. he decides to take off the stair railing. smart man. the guys were able to bring the couch down at another angle they hadn't been able to try before. and that's when basement apartment started to tease couch. he let couch smell a possible victory just to shut him down. but no... wait. what's this. couch is going for it. laws of physics be defied. yes! the couch is in, ladies and gentlemen, the couch is in!

it was really really hard, but we got the couch into our apartment.

nate and jason [not pictured] are gonne make this happen cap'n


utah state fair

we've already established a love of people watching.  it's safe to say that state fairs are probably one of the hottest spots for people watching. it was also lots of fun watching little nieces and nephews pet baby piglets and work up their nerves to get on big scary rides. 

tomorrow morning jason and i will be moving into our very first apartment. [the one in chicago doesn't count.. we only brought clothes and were there for ten weeks.] needless to say, i am very very excited about this. i get to use my own dishes, and mixers, and hang pictures, we bought our first bed, and couch. exciting times. exciting times.

apologies for the terrible droid picture. it was the only camera i had.


simma down nah

when i buy new clothes, i like to let them simmer. does anyone else do that? like, wearing them right away will take away the excitement from the fact that they are new clothes. and because i don't do anything all day, no one will be able to appreciate the delicious works of art that they are. and jason doesn't count. he'd think i looked good in a bag. and not the paperbag princess style bag cause that'd probably be pretty cute. i'm talking straight up, dumpster, garbage bag bag. the kind you turn into a makeshift poncho.
anyway, my clothes are simmering. still wrapped in their precious paper tissue because i'm afraid if they touch anything else they will be contaminated.  i really need to get my shoes back (which are in colorado) and my accessories (which are at grandma's) so that i can do these fabulous clothes justice and give them the compliments they deserve. (not compliments coming from other people, cause boy does that sounds conceited. i mean compliments, like complimentary colors. whew, saved myself from that one. but compliments [the nice version not the color version] will be readily accepted as well).

maybe i should just wear them, and stop dreaming about wearing them.
i guess what this all boils down to is... i wish i was chuck.



since returning from chicago, we have been to colorado, utah, and california.
we have seen a colossal amount of family since our return.
it's been stupendous.
not only have we visited our large immediate families, but we have visited a rather substantial amount of extended family as well.
boy, do i love family.