we're baack

jason and i are happy to be back in the west.  thursday night we packed up our clothes, loaded the car, and hit the road late friday morning. we had decided to make the 15 hours drive in one day. (we had tickets for the rockies game saturday night, so obviously we had to make it back as quickly as possible)
in our hurry to pack our place up we forgot one very important thing. in an effort to make the place feel a little like home, and slightly as a joke, and slightly because jason loves himself, we had put up a huuuge poster picture of jason from his glorious basketball days. so when the people we were subletting the place from return home, they will be welcomed by a younger, skinnier, ball-in-hand jason.

boy do i wish i could be there to see that.


  1. Are you guys back in UT? Call me if so, I'm in SLC until Thursday!

  2. This may be the funniest thing I have ever heardslashread. Which is saying a lot, because I am "easily amused".

  3. Oh, Jason. That is definately going to be a "funny" return to their home. They wil most likely think you left it as a joke, or so you hope! I too, wish I could see their faces.