don't know where we're going til we're there

life if very uncertain right now. there are so many variables. as of friday, jason and i won't actually have a place to live (i almost said "home," but that's not true, home is my parents house, his parents house, home is our car rides, utah in a weird kind of way that i never thought i would claim it to be, home is being with jason, as cheesy as that sounds, it's true. i never feel unsettled or out of place when i'm with him. k, back to whatever it was i was saying) right, no place to live. we have schooling and jobbing we need to figure out and how those two things are going to work together. this should be a fun adventure.

don't worry people, i'll update you as i get updates myself...


  1. I've been going through withdrawals from you not blogging in 4 days. seriously. where have you been. good luck finding a "home"

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  3. Feeling your pain (and excitement I guess? lol) big time. And definitely agree that when you're with the btyl (boy that you love) you always feel like you're home!