i complained awhile ago that all the cupcakes in chicago are terrible. and even after trying two more cupcake places i was still disappointed. my concerned sister in law michelle told me to try a place called sprinkles, a cute little shop based out of beverly hills. alas, they were not open.. until last week!! a friend from work and i trekked up the magnificent mile to find a line running out the door [see pic]. it was more than worth the wait. holy mole. it was the best cupcake i've had in a very long time. the perfect amount of frosting, not overly sweet, the cake itself was delicious and moist. perfection. needless to say, i've been craving one ever since..


  1. You know, sprinkles started the WHOLE cupcake trend. AND they sell packages you can make yourself for late night cravings!

  2. I follow Sprinkles on twitter. I am their biggest fan...who's never had one.